Yankees Trading Deadline Looks Very Different Now

Yankees tried to cancel or redo a deal they had made with the Brewers a month ago.

Claim that Milwaukee sent them damaged goods in both Pat List (and Graeme Lloyd).

Lloyd's ERA was 17.47 in 13 regular-season games with the '96 Yanks.

Without Lloyd's October work, the Yankees may not have won that championship.

Yankees are receiving poor demerits for their trade-deadline work in this season.

Luis Castillo releases his grip to become the Mariners' Ace.

Joey Gallo even performs for the Dodgers.

Early impressions of the Yankees team were not very impressive.

Aaron Judge's brilliance continues with the Yankees, making the Mets 4-2.

He reversed the two-game subway sweep that the Mets inflicted upon him at Citi Field last October.

They do this against the AL–worst A or the Forever Terrible Angels.