Jace Whitaker Whitaker is striving to keep his NFL dream alive.

The fact that you are an alumnus from Oceanside, California means having an enormous football fan base.

Her legacy lives on in the city of oceanfronts in the northern part of San Diego.

Long-time San Diego Chargers veteran and professional soccer hall-of-fame.

Cu was a major influencer to Cardinals cornerback Jess Whitaker.

Who has also been a player for the football team in the football team at Oceanside Extensive College.

He is the sole one who is retired at Oceanside Extensive College in which his number is retired.

Whitaker's style of play was the people he walked by daily.

Whitaker played as a cornerback in Tucson from 2015 until the season of 2019.

Without any drafts, 27-year-old Whitaker is determined for a way to ensure the NFL dreams alive.

He has been a mix between the track team as well as the roster of active players during the last two seasons.

Whitaker was the leader of in the Cardinals with seven blocks in the president's opening game in Cincinnati.