Top PGA Tour Players Commit to 20-Event Big Money Slate

The PGA Tour is giving its most boldest response to the league that is financed by Saudi Arabia. 

In which case, the team plans to make a commitment to a 20-tournament tournament schedule for the top players. 

They will be competing against one another at least 17 times. 

The schedule includes four majors as well as the wallet of $20 million. 

There are four tournaments that need to be announced, and they are "Advanced events". 

PGA Tour Director Jay Monahan expects to announce the tournaments in the next two months. 

The players will also be required to participate in at least three of the regularly scheduled PGA Tour events. 

The players who will be participating in the next season will be selected through the Player Impact Program. 

20 will be derived from the current PIP program, as well as from a different list that contains the updated rules.