Report: Thunder 'fear' No. 2 pick Holmgren has ligament damage

Chet Holmgren's NBA career may be delayed before the season even begins.

Holmgren's foot exams have revealed the possibility of torn ligaments.

There's  not a lot of information available, including the ligaments that are  affected, how severe and what the treatment strategy could be and so on.

Holmgren's injury happened in an Pro-Am sport that took place in Seattle the weekend.

He walked out of the contest after he twisted his ankle.

In one instance, the player was trying to defend LeBron James while in transition and Holmgren began limping following the game.

Reports from the moment suggest that the injury didn't seem to be severe.

And afterward, word spread that he'd sprained his ankle during the game.

LeBron wasn't able to make many contact points at the game as well as Holmgren may injury his leg in other exercises.

The Pro-Am game was stopped earlier because court rules deemed unsafe.