McLaren and Ricciardo to Split Ahead of 2023 After Buyout

Daniel Ricciardo as well as McLaren will be split after McLaren's Formula One season.

In the event of a buyout being negotiated with the Aussie during the last season of his agreement.

Ricciardo could have a choice to take his place at McLaren.

But his performances have been awe-inspiring throughout 35 races.

However the McLaren's debut Formula One win since 2012.

Ricardo is beat by his teammate Lando Norris all race weekends.

Ricciardo 33-year-old Ricciardo has only one podium to his name with McLaren.

There are only 19 points this season. Norris is on the podium with scored 76 points in the season.

Norris and Ricciardo contributed to McLaren to finish in fourth place at the constructors' title last season.