McLaren Admits There Were ‘Shared Challenges’ With Daniel Ricciardo

Daniel Ricciardo as well as McLaren will take part towards the end of 2022's Formula One season. 

It was the perfect opportunity that allowed Oscar Piastri to replace the eight-time winner of the race. 

Team director Andreas Seidl said in the team's news release it was a case of "common challenges". 

Ricciardo had been informed about his choice to enter McLaren's Hungarian Grand Prix a year before it was over in 5.2023. 

"Despite the common challenges He has always shown a strong spirit and a positive outlook. 

And always, he helps the entire team advance," he said, partially. 

Ricciardo is the sole McLaren driver to take home an F1 race since 2012. 

21 is slow when compared the teammate Lando Norris due to the 'Italian Grand prix'. 

McLaren President Zak Brown along with team manager Andreas Seidl have decided to take a different route.