Kayvon Thibodeaux has upbeat take after 'scary Giants moment

If you store them in bubble wrap during the summer months, they're not prepared when the regular-season bullets begin to fly.  

Rusher  is playing, and he is able to get down and grabs his right knee. Then  there is a silence over the entire stadium and the organization. 

A quiet that changes into positive cheers as he waves and takes aim at the car 

The person who is immediately called upon to help him and comes ashore by himself. 

m excellent," tells Kevon Thibodaux, after Giants 25. Bengals 22and a smile. 5.And when you're just walking a bit limp, you'd rather be sure. 

Let the giants' fate not be cursed for a change. 

There  was 11:04 remaining in the second quarter , when during a single-yard  run, Thibodaux was cut by Bengals tight end Thaddeus Moss 

he  filthy block that you should never come across in the precinct. They  took it towards the tent for medical care, and never returned. 

", said Daniel Jones (14-16, 116 yards). "You don't want to see anyone go down."