Giants sign Tanner Hudson for badly tight end depth

The Giants narrow spot on the tight end eased somewhat on Thursday after the arrival to Tanner Hudson.

27 The game was an exercise for the Giants officials and coaches on Wednesday morning.

He has made five catch for 67 yards over 22 career games for his team, the Buccaneers 49ers.

It was quite a surprise when Akins recorded 114 career catches over the course of four seasons.

After his reunion with his position Coach Andy Bischoff, third-string depth was never out of the top charts.

The Giants will be hosting an exercise jointly together with The Jets today.

Who have several tight edges on this roster (Travon Vesco Kenny Yeboa and Lawrence Kagar).

Giants accept the apology of offensive lineman Chris Owens.

Who was added just last week to allow for Hudson.