Cristiano Ronaldo snubs Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher in awkward interview

You shouldn't be surprised to see Cristiano Ronaldo eat with Liverpool alum Jamie Carragher soon.

After Caragher, 37, crashed Sky Sports' coverage of Old Trafford, 3.Ronaldo seemed to decline Caragher 

Ronaldo  approached Roy Keane and Gary Neville, United legends who were playing  on the field alongside Caragher and host Dave Jones. 

Ronaldo was in good spirits. The Portuguese player hugged Neville, Keane and shook hands. 

Carragher tried to shake my hand, but I ignored it. He looked shocked during the exchange. 

Ronaldo has been criticised by Carragher since his return to Manchester United as a Premier League defender. 

Despite the tension on field, Carragher (44), seemed to be having fun with the awkward moment