Barcelona vs. Man City result

Barcelona played 3-3 with Manchester City in a club friendly game on Wednesday at Camp Nou on Wednesday.

A goal scored by Riyad Mahrez the final minute on the spot.

City were the first to lead during the game, following a mistake made by Goalkeeper Iaki Pena.

Julian Alvarez is able to hit the ball, scoring with the ball in a precise finish.

Barcelona came back within eight minutes.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was directed by Sergio Busquets after a Jordi Alba free kick.

Three of the players who were involved in the goal two of them have been active under Guardiola.

The second period ended with Frankie de Jong scored with the help of Memphis Depay in the 66th minute.

In contrast, it took only four minutes for Guardiola be able to come back.