2022 US Open Tennis Odds, Best Bets

The tennis season of 2022 will peak in the next two weeks with the US Open, to be held every year.

The first time for a very long time the draw for males appears to be wide open.

Partly because of the reason the fact that Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Sasha Zverev will not play.

But it is also since none of these favorite players perform at their best in Queens.

It is always beneficial to approach tournaments such as the US Open with strategy.

Draws are crucial for planning your future betting options.

And you must do your best to locate the players.

Particularly for longer hurdles those with fair routes to semi-finals or quarterfinals.

2022 For The US Open, it looks as if it is the most open towards the Quart 2 or four Dark Horse winner.

The team will begin in the third quarter with a talented player hailing from Wroclaw, Poland.